Setting off

At the Mouth of the Great River


You stand at on the northern shore of the mouth of the Great River. Below the bank, it spills over a slight incline into the Great Eastern Ocean, which stretches out to the eastern horizon beyond the beach. A well-worn path begins here, heading upstream along the riverbank, and disappearing into the trees that dot the shore to the west.

In the center of the river, you can see a large, upright post with an eagle sitting atop it. He is Wavesighter, and he generally spends his days watching the surface for signs of fish to eat. Occasionally, he’ll pick up a river- rider too, if he thinks they’re about to be swept out to sea.

From here you have a clear view of Cair Paravel, its magnificent spires rising strikingly against the sunlit sky to the north of you. At its base, Sted Cair sits nestled in the grassy, rolling hills. There is a winding yellow road leading into it.


You can go: Enter the River <S>, Road to Sted Cair <N>, Path to the Beach <NE>, Upstream <W>

Contents: A son of adam with blue eyes (Peridan).

Trim walks toward you from the north, following the road.

It is a cold but bright day here in the south. The Great River is rushing forwarded into the sea, cold as water generally is in the winter. However, a man is perched on a rock along the bank, his line floating on top of a particular smooth patch of surface. His horse is off in the distance, trying to graze some dead grass.

Darius walks towards the man from the north, looking quite drenched in sweat. His hair a ruffled mess and hands freshly bruised.

A birds alarm call rings out and a flutter of activity swells up in the sky. From out of one of the bushes, Trim leaps grabbing a hold of one of the birds that were too slow to escape.

The man’s horse lifts his head at the flutter of the bird, nickering. Peridan opens his eyes, turning to see what the commotion is all about. “Peace Adair -” He cuts off as he sees Darius first than the cat.

Darius spies the horse and slows, catching sight of the Lord moments after. “Lord Peridan. ” he calls out, offering him a deep bow before shooting a sideways glance in the cat’s direction.

Trim is so focused on his bird that he does not notice the two humans immediately, seeming content to torment the poor thing by allowing it some freedom before immediately catching it again. The sound of voices bring his attention away and he finally gives the bird a merciful death before bobbing his head. “Lord Peridan. Darius.”

Peridan gives a wave to the both of them, “Hello, Friends. How do you two fare?” His gaze falls on the man and his hands.

Darius gives the cat a slight nod before finishing his approach. “Well enough. ” he shakes his hands. “Just giving myself a small break. ” he chuckles. “And yourself?”

Trim prods the bird with a paw, “Catching myself a little snack”

Peridan chuckles at the cat, “I see that. You seem like a good hunter.” His gaze then turns to the man, “It seems we had the same idea, Darius.”

Darius grins, putting both hands on his sides and looking to the man’s line. “Fishing eh?”

Trim bobs his head, “Got to be, wouldn’t be much use on the ships if I wasn’t but birds are different to rats and mice”

Peridan chuckles, “Well, I am more attempting it. I feel that the winter makes it much more worse to fish but I need to get out of the castle for a few moments.” He turns to Trim, “Good point, friend.”

Darius nods, expression turning curious. “Caught Anything?”

Trim stares down into the water, “Fish would be nice yes”

Peridan shakes his head, “Not yet. Though I have not been here long. Please, feel free to join me, my friends. I will enjoy the company.”

Darius nods, plopping down next to him and crossing his legs. After a short pause, his curiousity seems to increase. “So. What does a Lord of Narnia do?”

Trim picks up his bird and pads over, settling down next to the two humans.

A dog with curly ears and a curly irish setter tail trots toward you from the north, following the road.

Peridan focuses on the water. “Well, it depends on which Lord you talk to. We all have different jobs. For me though, I have various jobs including a military commander and advisor to the majesties.”

Darius’s eyes widen a bit. “You command the Narnian army?” There is a certain sense of awe in his voice.

Trim starts plucking the feathers from the bird, spitting away the featers. His ears twitch and he listens to the conversation.

Peridan turns to look at the man, his gaze assessing him. “Yes, I do. Though, of course, High King Peter and King Edmund are the ultimate leaders of the army.”

Darius nods quickly. “Of course. ” he looks back to the water. “Thanks for letting me box you the other night. Didn’t know you were the commander of the army. ” he rubs the back of his neck, looking somewhat embarrassed. “Not sure I’d have been so bold to ask had I known. ”

Trim asks, “Is that why you’re all bruised then?”

Peridan raises his eyebrow, “Just because I am a Lord does not mean that I’m not above helping those under me excel. Though I will ask you, why do you wish to train?”

Darius shrugs. “I was always taught to work hard in everything I do. Plus, it gives me some release. ” he tilts his head, waving a hand. “Besides, I have always found the art of swordplay and sparring beautiful in its own sense. ”

Trim spits out the last of the feathers, “You humans and your swords and such, a decent pair of claws would do you good”

Peridan looks curious, “You know how to use a sword?”

Darius ehs, looking uncertain. “I am only… decent with a blade sire. ”

Darius glances at the cat, chuckling. “Can’t even begin to imagine. ”

A dog with curly ears and a curly irish setter tail wands down to the mouth of the river, a squirrel in her mouth. She spies the others and gives a nod to Peridan, her mouth full.

Trim lifts and flexes a paw, his claws extending before he retracts them again, “No bird is safe, nor mouse nor rat nor pirate’s eye”

Peridan stares at Darius. “Do you own a blade? For we should test each other’s skill.” As the dog approaches, he calls out to her. “Greetings, Petria. Am I needed at the castle?” He then chuckles at the cat.

Darius glances to the dog at her approach. “Only a dagger. ” he pauses. “Been meaning to pick up a sword from the smithy in town though. ” he glances back to the Lord, smiling a bit now. “I should like to test your skill with a sword milord. I imagine it would do me some good, however badly I am beaten. ” he chuckles.

A dog with curly ears and a curly irish setter tail sits, not far from the group, and drops the dead squirrel to speak. “Their Majesties have not sent for you, Milord. Not that I can recall at least. I am just doing some off duty hunting.

Peridan chuckles a bit. “Like I mentioned last night, you do not have to worry about me, friend.” He turns to the dog, “Wonderful, it seems that all of us had the same idea.”

A dog with curly ears and a curly irish setter tail wags her tail. “It would appear so, Milord.”

Darius nods. “Not worried Milord, just expecting my own loss. ” he chuckles, observing the beasts.

Peridan answers Darius, “As soon as you acquire a blade, contact me. I shall like to test your skill.”

Darius grins, standing quickly. “Give me but a few moments. ”

Trim tears his stare away from the dog and blinks towards darius, “You’re getting one /now/?”

Peridan also blinks. “I did not mean for you to rush off if you do not wish.”

Darius is already backing up, giving Peridan a brief bow. “It is no trouble, Milord! ” At that, he turns quickly and runs off towards Sted Cair.

Trim flicks his tail and watches him run off, “What an odd human!”

(A short time later…)

At the Mouth of the Great River


You stand at on the northern shore of the mouth of the Great River. Below the bank, it spills over a slight incline into the Great Eastern Ocean, which stretches out to the eastern horizon beyond the beach. A well-worn path begins here, heading upstream along the riverbank, and disappearing into the trees that dot the shore to the west.

In the center of the river, you can see a large, upright post with an eagle sitting atop it. He is Wavesighter, and he generally spends his days watching the surface for signs of fish to eat. Occasionally, he’ll pick up a river- rider too, if he thinks they’re about to be swept out to sea.

From here you have a clear view of Cair Paravel, its magnificent spires rising strikingly against the sunlit sky to the north of you. At its base, Sted Cair sits nestled in the grassy, rolling hills. There is a winding yellow road leading into it.


You can go: Enter the River <S>, Road to Sted Cair <N>, Path to the Beach <NE>, Upstream <W>

Contents: A cat with long, grey tabby fur; A dog with curly ears and a curly

irish setter tail; and A son of adam with blue eyes (Peridan).

Peridan stands next to his horse, placing his belongings on Adair. He removes his sword, getting ready.

Darius jogs at an easy pace back towards the Lord and beats, careful to keep the brand new, gleaming sword in his hand pointed down.

Trim’s ears prick up and his tail swishes, “By the lion he actually went and done it!”

Peridan turns as Darius approaches. “You are fast.” He holds out his hand, “Mind if I take a look?”

Darius is breathing hard as he comes up to Peridan, placing a hand under the other side of the blade and extending it towards him.

Peridan takes the man’s sword, examining it. “This is very nice. It will serve you well I believe.” He hands it back to him.

Trim watches the exchange in the manner of one who doesn’t really understand the significance but is going to pretend to, “I say, you’re going to have a fight are you?”

A dog with curly ears and a curly irish setter tail watches curiously, Peridan and the other man.

Peridan nods to the cat, “Indeed, but it is just a spar. We have no intention of hurting each other, just testing our skills.” He turns to the man, “When you are ready, Darius.”

Darius takes it with a bowed head. Taking a step back, he swings the sword in an oft practiced motion, testing its weight. “I should hope so. ” he lowers his arm, letting it hang by his side. As Peridan turns to him, he takes a few more steps back and places his left hand behind his back. Giving the Lord a final nod, he tenses his right arm and lowers the blade to point at him. “Ready.”

Peridan stands ready, his sword held lightly. He watches the man calmly. “After you then.”

Trim sits back, watching the two humans

Peridan takes out his sword, standing ready for combat.

Darius examines Peridan, eyes narrowing a hair. A split second later he takes a few quick steps towards the man, keeping the point low and jabbing for his midsection.

Peridan counters the attack though the blade does nick him. The man does not even wince as he sweeps his blade towards the man’s right arm.

Darius blinks as his blade is knocked away from the Lord and a second later the other finds his arm. Letting out grunt, he sidesteps, sweeping his blade low in an attempt to catch one of Peridan’s legs.

Trim watches the fight, vaguely entertained. He takes a bite of his bird as he watches.

Peridan side steps the blade but he does look impressed in the quickness of the man. He counters the onslaught, attempting to knock his blade away.

Darius flinches as the other man’s blade finds him. His blade moving quickly, he pulls up and slashes at his side.

Peridan winces as Darius’s blade finds its mark. He pivots on his foot, sweeping low.

Darius attempts to sidestep the blade, but is too late. Taking one swing to knock the man’s blade away, in the same motion he swings for his misdsection again.

Peridan dances to the side as the blade find its mark again. He leaps forward, sweeping down from the top.

Darius attempts to raise his blade to block the oncoming attack, but his arm crumbles under the strength of Peridan’s blow. Grunting as his opponent’s attack scratches him, he spins away and slashes at the mans thigh.

Peridan lets out a sharp breath as Darius is able to nick his thigh. His eyes have a slow fire in them but his movements are still very well controlled. He leaps left before swiping from the right.

Darius flinches again as he finds his mark. Twisting, he swings low, aiming for the man’s ankles.

Peridan steps back, avoiding the blade completely. Taking advantage of the miss, Peridan attempts to knock the blade from Darius’s hand.

Darius’s swing catches him off-guard enough for him to completely lose grip of the blade. Eye widening, he rolls to the side and ends up on one knee at Peridan’s side before ushering him a swift punch to the back of the knee, looking to knock the man off his feet.

Peridan seems like he is almost expecting this as he sidesteps the punch, kicking at him to knock him away. His eyebrow raises, “Interesting tactic.”

Darius grins, rolling to dodge the next blow. He attempts another kick jab at the man’s leg before diving for the sword knocked from his hand.

Peridan lets out a breath as Darius is able to punch him. He swipes his blade at the man, attempting to keep him from reaching the sword.

Darius slips, falling just short of his blade and paying the price. Groaning, he scrambles forward and latches onto his sword once again. Then, he twists, plants one foot forward and swings for Peridan’s midsection using what strength he has left.

Peridan is able to counter the thrust. He places the blade against the man’s neck, “Do you concede or would you like to keep going?”

Darius holds his head up, swallowing breathlessly as the man puts the blade to his neck. Dropping his sword almost instantly, he gives a slight nod. “I concede. ”

Peridan gives a nod, backing off immediately. “You alright, sir?”

Trim grins a cat like grin, “Good show chaps, good show!”

Peridan puts his sword away.

Darius chuckles, glancing at the cat as he nods. “I am well. ” he smiles. “It was a good spar milord. It is no wonder that you command the Narnian army, your skill is quite potent. ”

Peridan rubs the back of his neck, “Ah, well thank you. Like I have said, I have had the experience.” He assesses the man in front of him. “Though your skill is certainly not lacking. Keep training and you will be a fine swordsman.”

Darius examines his wounds, nodding slowly. “My thanks once again. ” he hesitates, slowly picking up his sword. “I don’t suppose the army is looking for any new recruits?”

Peridan hmms, “Not here at the moment, I am afraid. Though if you truly wanted to fight, High King Peter needs all the help he can get up north.”

Darius looks curious. “Up north you say? Where up north?”

Trim swishes his tail, “Fighting the giants”

Peridan nods, “Aye. What Trim said. Your best bet is to go to the Waste and speak with Commander Petraverd.”

Darius’s eyes glimmer with excitement. “Lantern waste. ” he repeats, but his expression falls a bit. “I fear I wouldn’t even know where to start. Or… do I simply just walk north?”

Trim nods up river, “Follow the river to the north”

Peridan nods, “Yes. The river leads up there but it is about a two day trip.”

Darius looks between the cat and Peridan, smiling wide. “No kidding? Well… I shall have to see about making the journey then! ”

Peridan watches the man carefully, “Why the rush?”

Trim watches Darius for the answer.

Darius shrugs, wincing at an open wound. “Seems like an opportunity to make something of myself. I came to Narnia with the intention of starting over and doing something worthwhile. ” he smiles softly, brow furrowed. “Plus, it also gives me the opportunity to see more of the country. ” he hehs. “And if the beasts – “he glances at the cat and then back to Peridan. “And people of this country are anything like those I have already met, I am MOST excited. ”

As Darius speaks, Peridan watches him, something flicking over his eyes. It quickly disappears however. “Narnia is a good place to start over. If I may, what made you leave Archenland?”

Darius glances down, expression falling a bit. “I lost someone very near and dear to my heart a while back. ” he sighs. “And since then, I have made a fair few mistakes. I had hoped that the pain of the memories would disappear with time. ” he shakes his head, nearly all the light gone from his expression. “But, it was not so. ”

Trim tilts his head, giving Darius a slow, friendly blink, “Who’d you lose?”

Peridan’s eyes soften a bit. “I am sorry to hear that, Darius. You have my condolences.”

Darius doesn’t respond right away, swallowing as he seems to recount times past. “My cousin. ” he breathes, jaw clenching as he swallows his emotions. “Close as could be, we were. ” he purses his lips, grunting and shaking his head. “But, that is why I am here. ” he returns, voice strengthening a touch. “To live on. Not to forget my cousin, but to make /certain/ he is remembered. ” His eyes flicker at the last, but any emotion vanishes like a puff of smoke.

Peridan pats the man on the back. “It is good to keep the memory of our loved ones. I am sure you will do well.”

Darius snorts softly, giving Peridan a hopeful look. “Think so?”

Peridan stands, looking over the man, “I do. Although, we have not known each other long, I have a feeling you will accomplish whatever you put your mind to.”

Trim says, “Course we think so.”

Darius’s smile brightens. “You both are far too kind. ” he releases a somewhat contented sigh. “It does look like my venture into Narnia was a wise one and it has been my honor getting to all of you. For however brief a time it was. ”

Peridan nods, “It was a pleasure to meet you too, Darius. Will you set out immediately?”

Darius takes a deep breath, nodding. “I do believe I shall. Though, I must first speak with Einzelkamp regarding my job… however short-lived it was. I’d rather not burn any bridges. ” he hehs.

Trim says, “Been there once or twice, I don’t think there’s many places that humans can live.”

Peridan nods, “That is a wise plan. Burning bridges is never wise to do.” He chuckles, “Unless in battle.” He turns to the cat, “I do believe that there is a nice inn.”

Darius chuckles. “It has been a pleasure sparring with you Lord Peridan. ” he adds quickly. “I hope to do it again some day. ”

Trim says, “Is there? Well, I guess I never noticed”

Peridan nods, “Yes, I would enjoy that.”

Darius bows low to Peridan. “Until we meet again then, Milord. Farewell. ”

Peridan nods to the man, “Good luck, Darius.” He calls his horse over to him. “I should depart myself. Thank you for sparring.”

Darius offers the other Narians a brief nod before quickly departing in the direction of Sted Cair.

Peridan nods to the others before riding off towards the castle.

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Boxing a Lord

The Satyr’s Hoof Tavern


You stand inside the Satyr’s Hoof Tavern, a lively and warm social gathering place that is always patonized by many of Sted Cair’s good citizens. The room is brightly lit with dwarven-wrought lanterns, and the walls are adorned with maps, ropes and other adventurer’s gear. Tables are scattered around in no particular fashion, and serving wenches casually stroll among them, taking orders. A large menu on the wall behind the bar lists the current fare.

There is also a long bar along the southwest wall, with crude wooden stools set in front of it. Behind, a tall, handsome-looking Satyr is serving beverages to the patrons seated there.

The northeast door leads out onto the square.


You can go: Out <NE>

Contents: A son of adam with blue eyes (Peridan); Datillo, the Tavernkeeper;

Pricelist; and Wolves and Foxes Game Set.

Peridan is sitting at a table with some officers. They seem to be have a good time as a Faun finishes telling a story, “And then I ended up on the floor!” The table explodes in laughter.

Darius slips into the tavern, trying make as subtle an entrance as possible. Eye turning to the table, he looks to the floor and attempts to move passed unnoticed.

The table continues in conversation for awhile before there are many scrapping of the chairs. The officers salute Peridan before exiting, leaving the man all alone at the table.

Darius slides up to the bar, crossing his hands and keeping his head down as he orders a bowl of stew.

Peridan’s eyes scan the tavern as he sips his drink. Upon seeing the man at the bar, he observes him quietly.

Darius offers Datillo a brief nod before digging into the bowl. Eating with fervor, he ends up finishing the bowl rather quickly, shoving it away and crossing his arms once again.

Silverpaws enters through the main doors.

Peridan stands, making his way to the bar. “Hungry, friend?”

Darius’s head tilts as he is addressed. Realizing who it is, he abruptly stands and turns to meet Peridan face to face. “I suppose I was. ” he chuckles, offering the man a smile before bowing deeply.

Peridan chuckles himself, “Sorry, friend. I did not mean to startle you.”

Silverpaws trots in the door, glances around, then heads over to the bar.

Darius straightens, shaking his head. “You didn’t. Just didn’t feel it wise to give one of Narnia’s Lords the cold shoulder. ” he chuckles once more, gaze flickering to the fox. “I trust you are well, Lord Peridan?”

Peridan nods to the man, “I am well, yourself?” He glances towards the Fox, nodding in greeting to her before turning his attention to the man, “Mind if I join you?”

A cat with ginger tabby stripes enters through the main doors.

Silverpaws peruses the list of items to order. Though there’s little likelihood the menu’s changed, as it hasn’t for as long as she can remember.

Darius offers the fox a hesitant nod of his own before waving to the seat next to him. “Feel free. ” he returns, seating himself once more. “Doing well. If not a little frustrated. ” he hehs, running a hand through his hair.

Peridan sits down by the man, “A bit frustrated?”

Silverpaws nods back and sits down as well, not quite adjacent to the two men, but close enough to be included in the conversation, should she feel the need to comment.

A cat with ginger tabby stripes pads into the tavern, acting a bit skittery with all the noises and people but boldly going forth anyway.

Darius nods, frowning as he begins twiddling his thumbs. “Aye. ” he shrugs, snorting. “Been to the training grounds almost every day since arriving and… ” he sighs. “I FEEL like I am growing in strength, but my skill only grows so much punching a straw target “he makes a face, extending his bloodied and bruised hands towards Peridan. ” And leaves a great deal to be desired. ”

Peridan observed the bloodied hands, “That looks unpleasant.” He eyes the man, “You know, the harder you punch the target does not mean the faster you will train.”

Silverpaws glances at her own paw, then rolls her eyes.

A cat with ginger tabby stripes’s little nose twitches as he smells each person and creature from a distance before he creeps closer to the fire, warming his frosty paws.

Darius tilts his head, nodding as he observes his own hands. “Figured that much. ” He sighs. “Though, I don’t imagine I have a choice in the matter. So, harder it is. ” he chuckles, actually looking amused by this.

Peridan raises an eyebrow, “Why is this?”

Silverpaws mutters something under her breath.

Silverpaws mumbles “… … such pointless … … Worse than … Horse.”, to Silverpaws.

A cat with ginger tabby stripes flops in front of the fire, facing the humans and fox and listening with disinterest to the conversation about training.

Darius hehs, waving a hand. “Well, not to be rude my lord, but I can’t rightly gain in skill without knowing what next to train and how to do so. ”

Peridan hmms, “Are there no one in the training area? Generally, there is a dwarf or two.”

Silverpaws yawns and orders some tea.

Silverpaws calls over a wench and orders a mug of blackberry tea. She nods and goes into the kitchen, returning a short while later with the mug of blackberry tea. She presents this to Silverpaws, taking some coins from her. “If I can getcha anythin’ else,” she says with a smile, “Do be lettin’ me know.”

Darius frowns thoughtfully. “There is. But the one who is in there most often is busy building the targets. ” he shoots the Lord a sideways glance. “I don’t suppose you would know of any I could train with? I would pay them, of course. ”

A cat with ginger tabby stripes’s tail flicks up and down as the heat warms him and he tucks his front paws under his chest.

Peridan takes a sip of his wine, “Not off the top of my head I’m afraid.”

Silverpaws sniffs at her cup, as if gauging whether or not it has been acceptably prepared. She wrinkles her nose doubtfully.

A cat with ginger tabby stripes begins to purr a little. “I can’t picture a human training with a leopard or a wolf creature…” he comments.

Darius shifts, frowning disappointedly. “Of course. ” He opens his mouth as if to say something more, but abruptly shuts it as the cat speaks, glancing to him.

A cat with ginger tabby stripes blinks innocently at the man in black.

Peridan turns his gaze to the cat, chuckling. “Aye friend, it takes a certain talent to spar well with creatures when you, yourself, do not have claws or teeth.”

Silverpaws pipes up, uninvited. “Claws and teeth are much easier. You’re born with them so you already know how they work.”

A cat with ginger tabby stripes peers at the rude fox. “He can’t help how he was born.” He protests in defense of the humans.

Darius’s eyes dart between the fox and cat, expression unsure.

Peridan rises his hands quickly, “Peace, friends. You both make valid points.”

Silverpaws drawls, “I didn’t say he could help it.”

A cat with ginger tabby stripes doesn’t respond to the fox, following the words of the blue-eyed man.

Darius continues looking between the two talking beasts a few moments before looking to Peridan. “Who taught you, my Lord?”

Peridan looks at Darius, rubbing the back of his neck. “I had formal training in Anvard growing up, but I really learned on the battlefield.”

A cat with ginger tabby stripes cants his feline head to the side. “Anvard?” he asks.

Silverpaws shudders at the mention of the battlefield.

Darius hehs, grinning wryly before looking back down to his hands. “I don’t suppose there are any there whom I could persuade to give me a few pointers. ”

Peridan nods to the cat, “Yes, I grew up in Anvard under the Archenland court.” He then turns to Darius, chuckles, “I’m sure you will find someone soon.”

Silverpaws drinks some Blackberry Tea from her mug.

A cat with ginger tabby stripes’s tail continues to flick up and down.

Darius begins looking thoughtful. “You said you learned most on the Battlefield?”

Peridan says, “Yes, I helped the majesties fight back the evils that were still in the land after the end of the witch.”

Silverpaws looks like she has a bad taste in her mouth. Might be the tea.

A cat with ginger tabby stripes looks a mite curious, his purr returning as the fire warms him more.

Darius shifts. “I don’t suppose you would have the time to show me a thing or two? ” he pauses before quickly adding. “At least point me in the right direction?” “His eyes are hopeful as he finishes.

Peridan assesses the man in front of him, taking some time. “Yes, that might be fine. Lion knows, I need to practice as well.”

Darius smiles at this, standing quickly. “My thanks, Lord Peridan. ” he gestures towards the door excitedly. “After you. ”

Peridan stands to his feet, “Thank you.” He strides out of the tavern.


Public Training Arena


You stand in the wide, sparsely-furnished room that makes up Sted Cair’s main combat training facility. The floor is covered with straw, and the room is wide enough to allow any creature to exercise as they see fit. There are a few permanent wooden boxes set up in the center for those who wish to train with combat dummies; a pile of such dummies sits in the far corner of the room, behind a rather grouchy-looking badger. He doesn’t acknowledge your arrival.


You can go: Combat Gallery <SE>

Contents: A fox with white fur and grey feet (Silverpaws); A son of adam with blue eyes

(Peridan); and Bramblesnuffer.

Darius arrives, following Peridan.

Peridan makes his way into the arena, “Does here work my friend?”

Silverpaws sits on her haunches near the wall of the room, but with a good view.

A cat with ginger tabby stripes avoids the fox, following behind the group a little bit as he’s drawn by curiosity. He finds a spot safe along the wall and out of the way.

Darius shrugs off his satchel, nodding and looking ever the more excited. “That it does. ”

Peridan nods, getting into a boxing stance. “When you are ready.” His demeanor has become one of a soldier.

Darius attempts to mirror the Lords stance, determination lighting up his eyes. His fists balling up, he nods. “Ready.”

Peridan nods once before throwing out a punch.

<Fighting ensues>

COMBAT> Peridan has DEFEATED Darius!

Darius staggers back at the last punch, battered and bruised. “Stop! ” he calls out before tripping and landing on his back with a loud ‘OOF’.

A cat with ginger tabby stripes jumps nervously when the man falls, his large eyes blinking at the man on the ground.

Silverpaws cocks a brow. “Not /that/ bad for a beginner,” she admits.

Peridan halts immediately. He rushes to the man’s side, wincing as he does “You alright?”

Darius groans, putting a hand on the back of his head. “Aye… ” he blinks. “Think I knocked the back of my head in the fall. ”

A cat with ginger tabby stripes squints, his tail twitching nervously.

Peridan leans down, his military trained in assessing wounds. “This ground can be dangerous, I can call a healer?”

Darius shakes the stars from his eyes, grunting as he slowly attempts to sit up. “No, no… I have had worse, I can assure you. ” he hehs, rubbing the sore spot on the back of his head. “I’ll be fine. ” he shoots the Lord a wry grin. “You are quite the opponent Lord Peridan. ”

Peridan chuckles, observing the man, “Well, I would say that I have many more years of experience than you.” He hehs, “Though I will admit, out of my family, I lack the strength of fists for the most part. I am better with a blade.”

Darius’s hehs, seeming content to sit for the moment. “I don’t doubt it. ” he shifts, grunting in pain. “If what you say about your skills with a blade is true. Remind me to never cross you.” he chuckles.

Peridan chuckles though does sound a bit serious as he says ” I doubt we will have have to cross blades in battle. For I am not lethal unless one has ill intent towards my country, my family, or my friends.”

Darius chuckles, nodding as he slowly turns over and stands. “Fair enough. ” he gingerly begins brushing some of the dirt off his trousers. “So. My Lord… ” he extends both hands. “What would you have me do? ”

Silverpaws twitches an ear.

Peridan hmms, looking thoughtful. He then begins to instruct the man on various techniques. After a bit of instructions, “Try those for now.” He rubs the back of his neck, “For now though, I must attend to my duties.”

Darius seems to soak in every word, interest peaking. At the end, he dips his head to the Lord. “It was an honor. ”

Peridan nods to the man, “It was a pleasure. Rest up and do not over do it. You cannot become a good fighter in a day or a week or even a year. It takes practice.” He then turns to the audience, “Have a good day, friends.”

A cat with ginger tabby stripes bows his head to the Lord as he leaves.

Peridan goes walking out the southeast door, leaving the Training Arena.

Silverpaws says, “Well…he seems to know what he’s doing.”

Darius watches Peridan walk out, expression thoughtful. After a moment, he shifts in pain, glancing down at a few bruises on his arms.

A cat with ginger tabby stripes bobs his head once again to the man who lost the spar, and to the fox before he slips out.

Milo trips as he tries to sneak southeast.

A cat with ginger tabby stripes goes walking out the southeast door, leaving the Training Arena.

Silverpaws rises from her seat. “Sounds like good advice he gave. I wouldn’t know.”

Darius looks to the fox, watching him carefully before nodding. “I couldn’t argue against it. ” he hehs. “Barely know a thing about formal training. ”

Silverpaws says, “Hmm.” She licks a paw. “No. It’s all a rather messy business. Well, I suppose I should head home.””

Darius continues observing the fox, brow arching. “Of course. ” he nods in farewell.

Silverpaws heads out of the arena

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Small talk

Sted Cair Town Square


You stand in the middle of Sted Cair’s Town Square, the social hub of the township. All around you the citizens of Sted Cair are enjoying the fine weather as they travel through, going about their daily business.

The square itself is somewhat parklike, dominated in the center by a large grey marble statue of Aslan. The lion is seated and looks toward the east where Cair Paravel stands and his own land lies far beyond the ocean. His expression, while impressive, is neither menacing nor sedate. Instead, it simply looks majestic. A plaque underneath the statue simply reads, “Aslan”.

Streets lead in all four directions out of the square. There are buildings at each corner as well. To the northeast is the Explorer’s shop, and the Fruit Market sits under an impressive pavillion to the northwest. The Satyr’s Hoof Tavern lies to the southwest, and Grumich’s Pawnshop is southeast.


You can go: Fruit Market <NW>, North <N>, Explorer’s Shop <NE>, Pawnbroker <SE>, Road to Cair Paravel <E>, South Road <S>, West Road <W>, Tavern <SW>

Contents: A cat with long, grey tabby fur and Marble Statue.

Darius walks slowly towards the town square from the south, his eyes going from building to building curiously.

Trim’s ears flick back at the sound of footsteps and he looks around, grinning a cat-like grin at the sight of the human, “Oh look it’s the human who’s never seen a cat talk!”

Darius is pulled from his examination of the buildings, blinking a few times as he looks for the source of the voice. Finally looking down, he chuckles. “That would be me. ” he rubs the back of his neck as he moves a bit closer to the cat. “You’ll have to forgive me… Still not entirely used to it. ”

Trim passes his paw behind his eat again, “You’ll have to get used to it soon, there’s a lot more than just talking cats here. There’s all manner of us”

Darius hehs. “Oh, I know. I already met a few from a wolf pack near here. ” He shifts a bit awkwardly. “I imagine it will just take some time. ”

Trim says, “Ah the wolves, the wolves. Yes there’s rather a lot of them about”

Darius looks curious. “How many?”

Trim tilts his head and flicks his tail, “No idea, I just know there’s a whole pack of them not far from here in the great woods, winterden I think it’s called”

Darius nods. “A couple of the wolves mentioned something of the pack. ” he shrugs. “Seemed nice enough. ”

Trim asks, “You’re from Archenland are you?”

Darius nods once more. “I am.”

Trim asks, “What brings you to Narnia?”

Peridan strolls toward you from the north, following the road.

Darius releases a soft sigh. “I made some mistakes growing up. ” he shrugs, shaking his head. “It became too hard to forget the past living so close to the mistakes. Never felt like I could truly get away from them living in Archenland. So, I came here… hoping to start fresh. ”

Trim tilts his head curiously and blinking slowly in Darius’ general direction, “What mistakes”

Peridan trots through the square on his horse. Both man and beast seem like they had a grand time out in the forest.

Darius blinks, looking surprised at the forwardness of the question. “I uh… ” At the sound of hoofs, he stops and looks in Peridan’s direction, instantly bowing.

Trim bobs his head to Peridan, “Hullo your lordship”

Peridan halts Adair as he approaches the two. He effortlessly dismounts, patting the stallion as he nods to the two, “Ah, Greetings Darius, Trim.” The man himself looks a bit dirty, indicating he has probably been outside for a very long time.

Darius holds the bow a couple moments before standing straight. “Greetings, Milord. ” he says hesitantly, though there does seem to be a bit of excitement in his eyes.

A fox with white fur and grey feet strolls toward you from the north, following the road.

Peridan hands Loaf of Saffron-Bread to Trim.

Peridan’s eye flick to the man, nodding to him, “How do you both fare?” He continues to hold onto his horse’s bridle.

Trim settles back in his patch of sunlight, tucking his paws under him, “Been out in the woods have you?”

Darius nods once more. “Well enough. “He pauses, before timidly adding: “I got the job. Or. Well, soon I will have it. ”

A fox with white fur and grey feet trots into the square, then stops not far from the group, and yawns broadly.

Peridan addresses the cat first, chuckling, “Ah yes, that is the beauty of my job. I get to check on things while riding.” He turns to the man, grinning at him, “That is wonderful to hear Darius. Where are you working?”

Darius seems encouraged by the Lord’s kind demeanour, his smile growing. “The Tooth and Nail, Sir. ” he waves a hand in the direction of the establishment. “Einzelkamp said I would be able to start within the week. ” He pauses, the excitement in his eyes dimming a bit. “Said it would only be part time though. ”

Trim watches the exchange for a small while before seeming to lose interest. He does however see the fox and says, “Hullo there”

A fox with white fur and grey feet perks up. “Oh, hello,” she replies.

Peridan gives Darius an encouraging smile, “But it is something of which to be proud of.” He turns as Trim address a newcomer, nodding to the fox. “Hello there, friend.”

Darius nods slightly, growing quiet as he follows Periden’s gaze.

Trim asks, “I don’t think we’ve met, what’s your name?”

A fox with white fur and grey feet tilts her head to the side to better see Peridan. “Hello.” She returns her attention to the Cat. “Silverpaws, and yours?”

Trim gives a cat-like grin, “Good name, matches you. You can call me Trim”

Darius watches the exchange between the cat and fox silently, his hands now behind his back.

Peridan moves himself and his horse into a position that is better suited for talking in a group. He nods to the fox, “Well met, Silverpaws.”

A fox with white fur and grey feet blinks up at Peridan, nodding again, as she has already said hello.

Darius shifts to get a better view of the talking beasts, expression incredibly curious.

Peridan introduces himself, “I am Lord Peridan and this is Darius. How do you fare, Silverpaws?” The man himself seems perfectly at ease speaking with the talking beasts.

A fox with white fur and grey feet says, “Oh. I’m quite well, thank you.”

Darius blinks at the sound of his name, quickly looking between the Lord and fox. “Ah.. uh, nice to meet you. ” he swallows, looking entirely caught off guard.

Trim watches Darius with curiosity and amusement, “Something wrong?”

Peridan chuckles at the man’s reaction. He nods towards the fox, “Glad to hear it.”

A fox with white fur and grey feet cocks he head at Trim’s question, looking at Darius as well.

Darius’s eyes widen a bit as he realizes the attention is now directly on him, his shifts once more. “I er… No. Nothing at all. ”

Peridan claps the man on the back in a friendly manner, “Don’t worry, friend. It took me awhile to get use too as well.”

A fox with white fur and grey feet gives Peridan a rather scathing look.

Darius grunts, chuckling wryly. “Oh? You didn’t grow up here? ”

Trim stands and stretches, kneading the ground with his paws, “If you’ll excuse me” He says with a yawn, “I’m feeling a bit peckish and think I’ll do a spot of fishing, bye now”

If Peridan notices the scathing look, he doesn’t comment on it. He nods to the cat, “Take care, Trim.”

Darius looks to the cat and gives him a quick nod before turning his attention back to Peridan.

Trim pads towards a stack of crates that are piled against one of the buildings and nimbly jumps up them, using the momentum to scale the side of the building before vanishing over the rooftops.

A fox with white fur and grey feet looks at Darius as though he’s an imbecile.

Trim walks south, following the road.

Peridan turns to the man, chuckling, “It just that depends.”

Darius tilts his head curiously. “On?

A fox with white fur and grey feet looks Peridan up and down. “On just how old you think he is,” she says blandly.

Peridan looks at the Fox, chuckling a bit. He turns to the man, answering him, “I wasn’t born here but I have spent many years here. I consider myself a Narnian now and Narnia is my home but Archenland is still near to my heart.”

Darius shoots the fox an uncertain glance at the comment before nodding to Peridan. “I see. ” he pauses. “I take it then that you have seen much of Narnia?”

A fox with white fur and grey feet sits down on her hindquarters.

Peridan grins a bit, “You could say that. I have served the royal family for 14 years so I have been to most parts of Narnia on official trips. I also like to travel for pleasure and take leave in more quiet parts of Narnia.”

Darius looks intrigued. “What places are those? After a bit of work, I certainly hope to do a bit of traveling myself. ”

Peridan strokes his chin thoughtfully, “Well the Waste is certainly a place to go visit. Thanks to the Guard and Ulfden, it have been made very safe. The Woods south of the river are also a good place to lose yourself.” He chuckles, “Though I mean that literally as well figuratively.”

Darius snorts, nodding. “I nearly did get myself lost in there not two nights ago. If it weren’t for some wolves… I would likely still be wandering aimlessly. ”

A fox with white fur and grey feet mutters something to herself.

Silverpaws mumbles “Humans get … so …”, to Silverpaws.

Peridan glances down at the fox as he answers, “Winterden Wolves I assume?”

Darius nods, shooting his own glance at the fox. “Indeed. Went by the names of Layavin and Crenna… ” he scratches his head. “If I remember correctly. ”

A fox with white fur and grey feet scratches behind her ear.

Peridan nods, “I don’t know this Crenna but I do know Layavin. My advice, if you every run into trouble in the Woods, go directly to Winterden. They are main guards of the area for the time being.

Darius nods, releasing a soft heh. “Noted, Sir… ” he tilts his head. “You had mentioned a place called The. Waste?” He asks hesitantly, looking unsure if that is what he actually said.

A fox with white fur and grey feet asks, “Has there been much trouble near Winterden?”

Peridan nods to the man, “Lantern Waste is its actual name. It is where the Kings and Queens of Narnia entered in Narnia.” He turns to the Fox, “Thank the Lion no.”

Darius’s eyes widen in awe. “By the Lion… I should really like to see such a place. ”

A fox with white fur and grey feet nods to Peridan. “Good to know.”

Peridan nods, “Hopefully, you shall my friend.” He looks towards the sky, “I’m afraid I must be off for now.”

Darius bows deeply. “Of course. Farewell. ”

A fox with white fur and grey feet sniffs. “I’m going too,” she says, a bit abruptly, before turning and heading off the way she came.

Peridan nods to the both of them before mounting his horse. He trots off towards the castle.

A fox with white fur and grey feet trots north along the road.

Peridan walks north along the road.

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Life starts

In the Great Woods


You find yourself in the deep, vibrant forest that makes up the Great Woods of Narnia. All around you, trees and vines and bushes grow in great abundance, their leafy branches serving to block out a good deal of the sunlight that would trickle down from above. There are very few clear paths here upon which to walk, but at least you sense no real danger from the trees here. They seem to regard you with a detached curiosity, allowing you to pass by without impediment.

To the north, you can just make out the sparkling surface of the inlet of Glasswater through the dense foliage. The seawater adds a tang to the woodland scents that hang in the air here. To the south, the ground inclines sharply toward the mountains beyond, and a stone building sits nestled between two foothills. The sign above the door reads: The Splintered Axe Inn and Tavern.


You see no obvious way out.

Contents: A wolf with a white forepaw and A wolf with playful, bluish-green


Darius comes out of the Inn, satchel slung over one shoulder and eyes carefully scanning the area around him.

Two Wolves appear through the trees, clearly on patrol. The Smaller Wolf seems a bit distant while the larger White Wolf speaks quietly to her. Finally, the Smaller Wolf laughs, nudging her. “Thanks, Layavin.”

A wolf with playful, bluish-green eyes looks to her packmate and nods. “Keep your head up, Little Wolf.” She sniffs the air as they come close to the Inn. Her ears swivel and she looks toward the entrance, pausing when she sees the Son of Adam. “Hail, stranger.”

Darius turns quickly as he hears the two, his eyes widening a bit as he realizes the source of the voices. He shifts uncertainly before offering a small smile and nodding. “Hail. ” He greets hesitantly, looking between the two.

A wolf with a white forepaw notes the man’s uneasiness. She gives him a friendly smile, trying to reassure him, “Hello there. You must be new to the Woods.”

A wolf with playful, bluish-green eyes sits down to appear less threatening. “Traveling through?”

Darius nods to the wolf with the wolf with the white paw first, letting out a soft chuckle. “Quite new in fact. ” Then looking to the other wolf, he hehs. “Well, I imagine so. ” he rubs the back of his neck. “I am looking for a place to settle actually. ”

A wolf with a white forepaw hmms, looking thoughtful. “I don’t know of any place around here that would do for a Son of Adam but there is a town on the other side of the river.”

A wolf with playful, bluish-green eyes looks at the trees. “Unless you like to live up in the branches…” She flicks an ear. “New Anvard or Sted Cair would be a better place to look. Not that you’re not welcome here, but not the best place to settle.”

Darius nods, eyes never leaving the two. “So I have gathered. ” he snorts. “Nearly knocked myself out trying to make my way through these woods last night. ”

A wolf with a white forepaw also sits, chuckling, “It can be dangerous here. I still get lost.” She runs her eyes over the exposed skin, “You are not hurt are you? I can help if you are.”

A wolf with playful, bluish-green eyes chuckles. “Takes some getting used to.”

Darius shakes his head. “No, no. I am quite alright, just a bit sore. ” He furrows his brow, looking past the two wolves. “I know you had mentioned a town not far off. What might that be?”

A wolf with a white forepaw flicks her head towards the North, “It is across the river.” She looks at Layavin, “We can show you the best way to cross if you like?”

A wolf with playful, bluish-green eyes says, “It’s a difficult crossing, especially during the Winter.” She frowns slightly, glancing at Crenna. “I suggest crossing at the warmest part of the day…”

Darius shrugs, looking between the two as they converse. “I don’t mind working a little to get across. Learned to deal with the cold over the years. ”

A wolf with a white forepaw frowns slightly but quickly shakes her head, “If you are sure, We can always help you if you wish.” She pauses, “My, where are my manners? I’m Crenna, Scout of Winterden and this Layavin, Guardian of Winterden.”

A wolf with playful, bluish-green eyes dips her head as Crenna introduces her. She looks at the Son of Adam. “And you are?”

Darius’s smile grows at their introductions. “Well met. ” he dips his head to them. “I am Darius. ”

A wolf with a white forepaw smiles at him, “Nice to meet you, Darius.”

A wolf with playful, bluish-green eyes bows her head again. “Well met, Darius.” She looks towards the north. “You are wanting to cross the river now?”

Darius nods to Layavin. “If you both wouldn’t mind. ”

Crenna shakes her head, “Of course not, we were just going to patrol there anyway.” She stands to her paws, still giving Darius a respectful space. “If you would like to follow us?”

Layavin stands up, tail swishing lightly. “Lead the way, Crenna.”

Darius nods once more, expression growing further at ease as they offer to lead him. “I would love to, Crenna! ” he shrugs his satchel into a better position and waits for them to take the lead.

Crenna nods, moving to the side of him so she can more easily chat with him. “If you follow me.” She begins to lead the way.



South Bank of the Great River


You stand on the southern shore of the Great River. The path is dim due to the crowded trees growing incredibly high. Sunlight streams in through tiny holes in the treetop leaves. The place feels serene and peaceful.

A medium-sized tree has fallen across the steep bank. It seems a bit unstable, but you could probably cross the river on it.

The riverbank path continues on downstream to the southeast, and upstream to the west.


You can go: Step Onto the Log <N>, Downstream <SE>, Upstream <W>

Contents: A wolf with a white forepaw (Crenna) and A wolf with playful,

bluish-green eyes (Layavin).

Darius arrives, following Crenna.

As the three approach the log, Crenna seems to get a bit less and less chatty.

Layavin steps to the front, noticing Crenna’s mood change. “The log is slippery and dangerous, but if you are sure in your footing, you can cross over.”

Darius eyes the log carefully as they approach. “I think I should be alright. ” he nods, then looking between the two again. “My thanks for your kindess. ”

Crenna smiles at him, “It is quite alright, we are here to help.”

Layavin says, “Sted Cair is closer, but there is also New Anvard.”

Darius dips his head to the two once more. “Until we meet again. ” Then, turning to the log, he gingerly begins making his way across it and onto the otherside.

Crenna is glued to his trip across, looking very worried. As soon as he makes it to the other side, she releases a breath.

Layavin watches him cross, alert and ready to run should anything happen. Once he hits the other side, she nudges Crenna. “Farewell, Darius,” she calls across the river.

Darius turns as he finishes his crossing, flashing them a pleasent smile and wave before making his into the woods.

Layavin hmms, watching him go. “His balance is remarkable…”

Crenna nods, turning to the Wolf. “He seems very nice. I hope he gets settled well.”



Sted Cair Town Square


You stand in the middle of Sted Cair’s Town Square, the social hub of the township. All around you the citizens of Sted Cair are enjoying the fine weather as they travel through, going about their daily business.

The square itself is somewhat parklike, dominated in the center by a large grey marble statue of Aslan. The lion is seated and looks toward the east where Cair Paravel stands and his own land lies far beyond the ocean. His expression, while impressive, is neither menacing nor sedate. Instead, it simply looks majestic. A plaque underneath the statue simply reads, “Aslan”.

Streets lead in all four directions out of the square. There are buildings at each corner as well. To the northeast is the Explorer’s shop, and the Fruit Market sits under an impressive pavillion to the northwest. The Satyr’s Hoof Tavern lies to the southwest, and Grumich’s Pawnshop is southeast.


You can go: Fruit Market <NW>, North <N>, Explorer’s Shop <NE>, Pawnbroker <SE>, Road to Cair Paravel <E>, South Road <S>, West Road <W>, Tavern <SW>

Contents: A cat with long, grey tabby fur; A son of adam with blue eyes

(Peridan); and Marble Statue.

Peridan grins as the Cat retells his tale, “I can imagine your claws are very sharp indeed.”

A cat with long, grey tabby fur exclaims, “They learned not to mess with a Narnian ship on that day and no mistake!”

Peridan’s eyes brighten, “Hear, Hear Trim!”

Darius walks along the road leading into the square at an easy pace, eyes wandering the buildings absently.

A cat with long, grey tabby fur’s ears flick and he turns to watch the new arrival, “I say, a new human”

Peridan’s eyes follow the Cat’s Gaze, chuckling. “We are few and far between here in Narnia.” He calls out to the man, “Greetings, friend!”

Darius’s attention snaps in the direction of the greeting. Noting the man, he pauses, simply staring for a few beats before continuing forward. “Hello!”

A cat with long, grey tabby fur stands and pads closer to the human watching him curiously, tail straight up with the tip bent slightly forming the shape of a question mark, “Hullo there”

Peridan watches the Cat approach the man, chuckling to himself.

A chipmunk female with too much energy bounds toward you from the south, following the road.

Darius slows as the talking beast approaches him, examining him uncertainly. “Hello…”

A cat with long, grey tabby fur looks very amused at the uncertainly, “You’d think you never seen a cat talk before the way you’re staring at me!”

Peridan moves towards the man, “Ah, Trim. You forget, those who are not from Narnia, talking Beasts are a bit of a surprise.”

A chipmunk female with too much energy scurries into the square from the south. Catching sight of Peridan, she heads in his direction, stopping a few feet away. “Hullo Mister Lord!”

Darius hehs, nodding at the man’s words as he continues observing the cat. “He is correct in saying so. ” After a brief pause, he addresses the cat himself. “My name is Darius. ”

A cat with long, grey tabby fur’s whiskers give a little twitch as he repeats the name, “Darius, what an odd name. You can call me Trim”

Peridan blinks as the chipmunk appears before nodding to her, “Greetings, Ms. Chirrup.”

A chipmunk female with too much energy grins. “And…what were your names?” She turns to the other two. “Dariss and Tim?”

Trim’s tail gives a little swish, “Trim, with an R”

Darius chuckles, nodding to the chipmunk and looking a bit more comfortable. His eyes returning to the Lord, he moves over towards him. “Did I hear it correct? You are a Lord?” he asks, tone soft.

Peridan chuckles as the exchange, observing. As Darius approaches, he looks up, nodding. “Yes, Lord Peridan at your service.” He eyes the man, “Are you visiting?”

A chipmunk female with too much energy exclaims, “G-good to meet you! Ch-ch-ch-Chirrup! At your service!”

Darius dips his head to him. “A pleasure to meet you. ” He hehs, waving both hands in front of him. “I suppose you could say that. I have been seeking out a place to settle in Narnia. Start fresh. ”

Peridan stares at the man, assessing him. “Oh? If I may, were do you hail from? I take you are from Archenland.”

Darius nods. “Indeed I am. I hail from Coghill… At least, that is where I grew up. ”

Peridan nods, “That is a nice town, though it has been some time since I visited.”

A chipmunk female with too much energy pipes up. “I live in a walnut tree!”

A cat with long, grey tabby fur says, “You would though wouldn’t you”

A chipmunk female with too much energy cocks her head. “I just said so…”

Trim rolls his eyes, “The point is a /human/ can’t go living up a tree! They’d fall off”

A chipmunk female with too much energy says, “Oh, well that would be rather silly of them.” She cocks her head at Darius. “Tails help, though.””

Peridan chuckles as his attention is drawn back towards the Narnians. “I have slept in a tree once, It is unpleasant.”

Darius nods. “That it is. ” his brow furrows, gaze becoming a bit unsure. “This may be out of place, but do you know of a place a man could stay and find work? ”

Peridan returns his attention to the man. He strokes his chin, thinking before pointing to the south. “There is a nice inn that way. The rates are reasonable I believe.” He then points to the north, “Or New Anvard if you are looking for a more permanent location.”

Darius nods. “My thanks for the information. ” He hesitates, looking unsure if he should continue.

Trim tilts his head, giving the new human a slow blink, “Aye you quite alright?”

A chipmunk female with too much energy’s nose twithces.

Peridan tilts his head at the man, indicating that he can go on.

Darius glances down. “Well, I am not one to let others do things for me, but I am rather new to the Land and am in search of work as well. ” He rubs the back of his neck. “I’m afraid I know scant little of any particular trade… I don’t fear hard work though. ” he scrambles to come up with another qualification of his. “And I am decent with a blade. ”

Trim says, “Ships is always looking for new deckhands, can ask around there”

A chipmunk female with too much energy chitters. “I wouldn’t know.”

Peridan walks west along the road.

Peridan comes walking toward you from West Road.

Peridan raises an eyebrow, still stroking his chin. “Let’s see. I believe Einzelkamp of the Tooth and Nail needs someone to keep watch at night.”

Darius looks between the three at each suggestion, the last one seeming to cast the greatest glimmer of hope in his eyes. “Ah, my thanks again, milord. ” he dips his head. “I will seek the place out promptly. ”

A chipmunk female with too much energy smiles.

Peridan nods, “Glad to help. Welcome to Sted Cair, Darius.”

Darius smiles bright, offering the Lord a quick bow. “Farewell. ” he offers the other beasts a small nod before quickly heading in the direction of the Inn.

A chipmunk female with too much energy exclaims, “G-good to meet ya!”

Trim says, “Bye now”


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And so it begins

The Narrow Gate Hall


The Hall of the Narrow Gate is brightly lit by a large chandelier, and by torches on the walls. A bar runs along the length of the south wall. Behind the bar stands Dranken, the Barman, polishing a glass. The wall behind him holds several bottles, and racks of glasses. There is also a menu offering drinks and food. The north wall is dominated by a cheerful stone fireplace.

The rest of the room is filled with tables and stools, in little clusters all over the scuffed wooden floor. An arch leads to the Anteroom to the south.


You can go: The Anteroom <S>

Contents: A son of adam with curly hair (Eston); Dranken, the Barman;

Pricelist; Sign — Rooms, 500 coins per day; and Wolves and Foxes Game Set.

Eston sits at his usual spot at the bar, a tankard of ale in front of him.

Darius walks slowly into the Hall. Currently, he wears a black tunic and a rather plain pair of white trousers. Seeing Eston at the bar, he smiles and begins making his way over. “Evening Eston. ”

Eston raises his tankard as a greeting, “Wotcher Aaron”

Darius smiles to the man, grabbing the seat next to him. “May I?”

Eston nods and waves a hand encouragingly, “Aye sure, go for it.”

Darius nods, sitting and placing both arms on the bar. “How have you been?”

Eston takes a considering sip of his ale, “All things considered, not bad at all. What about you?”
Darius calls to Dranken for a tankard of ale. Dranken stops cleaning his glass, and serves it up directly.

Darius clasps the mug with both hands, swirling the drink before taking a sip. “Ah, it has been quite the last few days. ”

Eston tilts his head, “Quite what?”

Darius stares into the drink. “Interesting. ”

Eston asks, “What’s been happening?”

Darius’s brow furrows. “I don’t believe there is work here for me… At least, not at the Castle. ”

Eston winces sympathetically, “A shame to be sure, ya want me to ask around town see if anyone needs an extra pair of hands?”

Darius seems to consider this, but shakes his head. “No, no… At least, not for the time being. I will be traveling to visit family in Coghill before the night is out… ” He shoots the man a grin. “Don’t imagine it would do me much good to get a job here whilst I am elsewhere. ”

Eston chuckles, “That’s a fair point!” He looks at him curiously, “Family in Coghill? Never been there myself, what’s it like?”

Darius hehs. “Quaint town. Decently large, all things considered. ” His eyes narrows as he continues recalling the area. “If my memory serves, the stonemason guild is there as well. ”

Eston says, “Well, fancy that. Might have to visit one day.”

Darius nods, smiling softly. “Can’t say I’d love settling there, but it is most definitely worth visiting. ”

Eston says, “Aye, would be nice. Though I don’t expect I’ll be able to any time soon.”

Darius asks, “No?”

Eston shakes his head, taking a swig from his tankard, “Reckon I’ll be having my hands full what with my daughter coming home and all”

Darius ‘ahs’. “Of course, your daughter! ” he hehs. “Yes, I imagine you will have little time for much else. ” he lifts the drink, dipping it towards him. “And rightly so. ” he adds before taking a swig.

A daughter of eve with a pulled back bun comes walking into the Hall of the Narrow Gate from the Anteroom.

Eston grins, “S’right, it’ll definitely be something”

Darius sits next to Eston at the bar. He chuckles, lowering his drink once more. “Something good, I hope? ” he grins, brow raising in question.

Eston exclaims, “I very much hope so!”

A daughter of eve with a pulled back bun comes walking into the inn. She looks very well worn as she holds something close to her chest. The thing in her arms is wrapped tightly in a soft fabric.

Darius laughs. “I’m sure it will be. ” he reassures, taking another swig before letting the silence settle. His gaze leaving the present situation, he swirls the drink absently.

Eston nods and absentmindedly takes a look around the bar. When he sees Adeliha he sits up straight and waves, “Adeliha!”

A daughter of eve with a pulled back bun happens to looking in the direction of Eston as he waves. She walks over to him, still holding the bundle in her arms tightly. “There you are, Eston. Your neighbors told me that I would find you here.”

Eston’s eyes fall on the bundle and he smiles a wide smile, “You got her?”

A daughter of eve with a pulled back bun nods, holding out the bundle to him. The cloth falls away to reveal a sleeping child. “She is a hard sleeper. Slept most of the way through.”

Darius turns quickly, being brought back to the present at the exchange. His eyes also fall onto the bundle, expression turning curious. As a child is revealed though, his eyes widen and he sits up a bit straighter.

Eston takes the baby carefully, his expression softening, “I don’t know how I can ever repay you for this”

A daughter of eve with a pulled back bun looks faintly relieved as her charge is safely into the father’s hands. She waves a hand, “Nonsense, this is what friends are for.”

Darius continues in silence, curious eyes locked on the baby.

Eston looks to Adeliha sincerely, “I owe ya one, if ya ever need anything just ask, seriously”

A daughter of eve with a pulled back bun smiles a bit at him, “Your business is all I need. Speaking of…Has Haft come into town recently? I finished one of his shirts.”

Eston nods, holding the baby as if it were a precious and fragile thing, “If I ever need a shirt mending I’ll come to you then, also if you ever need your roof doing I’ll do it for ya no charge”

Eston asks, “Haft? I ain’t seen him around, have ya checked the Castle?”

Darius looks back to his drink at the mention of the castle, a frown flickering on his expression.

A daughter of eve with a pulled back bun takes a seat at the bar where she can see both of men’s faces. “Not yet, I just recently arrived and wanted to get her to you as soon as I arrived. I might go seek him out tomorrow. The travel wore me out.”

Eston says, “Likely as not he’ll be there, can check once you’re all rested”

Darius seems more concerned with his ale than the other two at the moment.

There are 8 swallows left.

Darius drinks some ale from the tankard.

A daughter of eve with a pulled back bun nods, looking to the man beside Eston. “Aaron, right?”

Darius blinks, looking over to her quickly, as if startled. “Yes. ” he flashes a smile. “You’ll have to forgive me though, I am so bad at names… ”

A daughter of eve with a pulled back bun continues to stare at his mouth as he speaks, “Adeliha. We met briefly in Andale.”

Darius’ahs’. “Yes, I remember now. Well, in any case, it is a pleasure to meet you -once again- Adeliha. ” he chuckles.

A daughter of eve with a pulled back bun nods to Aaron but looking at Eston, “You have everything you need?”

Eston nods, rocking the child that’s beginning to stir, “Aye, I reckon so”

A daughter of eve with a pulled back bun nods, “Let me know if you need anyone to watch her once you start working. The nice thing about my work is that I can stay home and work from there.”

Eston smiles gratefully, “We’ll see”

A daughter of eve with a pulled back bun looks between the two men, “Well, I can let you two continue speaking.” She moves to stand from the bar, “I have much work to catch up on.”

Eston says, “Ya sure? I don’t mind you stayin'”

Darius glances between the two, expression revealing little.

A daughter of eve with a pulled back bun shakes her head at Eston, “I should go.” She looks at the child before looking up at Eston. “You’ll come get me if you need anything, right?” Her tone isn’t really asking.

Eston nods absentmindedly, “Oh aye, ‘course”

Darius watches the exchange in silence once more, his gaze flickering down to the baby from time to time.

A daughter of eve with a pulled back bun nods to the both of the men, “Good day then.” She leaves the inn.

A daughter of eve with a pulled back bun walks into the Anteroom of the Narrow Gate.

Eston waves as she leaves, though he doesn’t say anything knowing she won’t hear. He turns to Aaron and says, “Feelin’ alright? You’re being awful quiet”

Darius turns back to the bar without so much as a word as she leaves. He hehs, waving a hand. “Just fine… As I said, long few days. ”

Eston nods sympathetically, “Everyone has their off days”

Darius chuckles wryly. “Couldn’t be more true. ” He glances at the baby in his arms. “I take it that is your daughter then?”

Eston smiles softly down at the child and nods, “S’right, this is my Lecie”

Darius smiles, examining the child. “Pretty little girl, she is. ”

Eston smiles brightly, the very image of a proud father, “That she is, takes after her mam she does”

Haft comes walking into the Hall of the Narrow Gate from the Anteroom.

Darius chuckles, expression rather sober. “And some of her father, from what I can see. ” he grins.

Eston carefully adjusts his hold on the child, mindful not to wake her from her sleep and nods.

Haft walks into the inn, hesitating by the door. He catches sight of Eston’s fair hair and the infant in his arms first and takes a step in his direction before realizing who his companion is and stopping.

Darius hehs, looking up as he catches movement out of the corner of his eyes. “Haft! ” he calls out, smile friendly and perhaps not as large as it normally might be.

Eston looks around as Aaron calls out and gives Haft a wave and smile of his own, “Haft look, she’s here”

Haft’s gaze flickers from Darius to the babe in Eston’s arms. “Yes, I see that. If you’ll excuse me, I’ve just remembered something. I’ll see you later Eston.” He turns back toward the door.

Eston raises an eyebrow, his gaze flickering between Aaron and Haft, “Well, I guess I’ll catch ya later then”

Darius raises a hand, standing quickly and moving towards Haft. “Haft, if you will hold on for one moment. ”

Haft hesitates, then pauses, not turning back around. He cants his head to the side to show he’s listening.

Eston watches the exchange with some curiosity.

Darius comes up to the man, standing a foot away from him. “Could I have a moment to talk with you?”

Haft says, “I’m afraid I’m in a hurry. You’ll excuse me.” He walks out of the hall.

Haft walks into the Anteroom of the Narrow Gate.

Darius glances back at Eston. “Please excuse me one moment..”

Eston nods, “I best be gettin’ home, I expect this little one needs a rest from the journey”

Darius nods to Eston. “Of course. ” He then follows after Haft.

Herberg Road


The Herberg Road leads to Herberg’s public house, The Narrow Gate, a huge building that sits in a clearing to the east of the road. It’s obvious that rooms on the eastern side of the building overlook the beach and ocean. Clumps yellow of fruit trees shade the walls of the Public House and hardwoods line the lane.

The lane to the west leads the shops of East Andale, and continues north toward the Beach Road.


You can go: Beach Road <N>, East Andale <W>, The Narrow Gate <E>

Contents: A son of adam with a stern face (Haft).

Haft strides out of the inn onto the road.

Darius jogs out of the door after Haft. “Haft… haft!”

Haft keeps walking.

Darius jogs up beside the man. “Please hold… Haft. ” His expression is serious

Haft doesn’t break stride. “I’ve got someplace to be.”

Darius puts up both hands. “I assure you, it will only take but a moment. ”

Haft still doesn’t stop. “Then you’d better talk fast.”

East Andale


The lane here widens to form a square of sorts and has several carts sitting at nearby buildings. People hurry back and forth between the two busy shops. Handel’s Mercantile dominates the north half of the square, and the smaller shop, Verloren’s Found and Lost, sits to the south. There are several benches here for those waiting on shoppers and horses hitched to posts. toward the Herberg Road.


You can go: Handel’s Mercantile <N>, Verloren’s Lost and Found <S>, Andale <W>, Herberg Road <E>

Contents: A son of adam with a stern face (Haft).

Darius arrives, following Haft.

Darius jogs a bit ahead of him, turning to face him. “I am leaving to visit some family in Coghill and would greatly appreciate if you would deliver a message to Sir Colin for me. ”

Haft grunts.

Darius gains an exasperated look. “Listen! I know things have been quite tense regarding my presence as of late, but I am looking to make amends. I assure you!”

Haft shrugs. “So talk.”

Darius he gestures towards the heart of Andale. “Mind if we stop by my cottage? It will take the briefest of moments. ”

“I mind,” Haft says, continuing down the road.

Haft walks down the lane to Andale.

Darius leaves, following Haft.

Darius walks down the lane to Andale.



You stand in the heart of Andale where most of the folk who support Anvard live. Young children play here on nice days, skipping rope, or shooting marbles, and older ones can be seen reading scrolls. Adults hurry through on their way from home to where their business takes them. A well with a stone wall sits on the western edge of the road.

The road here widens and splits to run toward the shops to the east, North Andale to the north and the Crossroad to the south. Short paths lead to the two settlements here; Het Noorden to the northwest, and Zuiden to the southeast.


You can go: Het Noorden <NW>, North Andale <N>, East Andale <E>, Andale Crossroad <W>, Zuiden <SE>

Contents: A son of adam with a stern face (Haft) and Andale Well.

Darius arrives, following Haft.

Darius begins looking frustrated. “Haft, it is a simple letter for him! ” he extends both hands out. “Please!”

Haft says, “There’s a gatehouse. Anyone there can deliver a letter.”

Darius continues. “I had hopes that you would take it. It isn’t exactly -just- a letter. It holds a sign of good faith, please… ” he waves a hand towards Het Noorden. “We are but a few yards away from my cottage. Wait here, I will retrieve it. ” he turns and without letting Haft utter another word, he sprints off towards his cottage.

Darius walks up the path toward the Het Noorden settlement.

Andale Crossroad


You stand at a busy crossroad outside Andale. The main road curves up from the forest to the southwest, heading into the town to the east. A less-traveled road winds up into the mountains to the west, and a smaller track descends into a canyon to the north.

South of the crossroads is heavily forested, the main path disappearing into the trees to the southwest. At the southeast corner of the crossroads stands a tall walnut tree.


You can go: Graveyard <N>, Andale <E>, South to the Arena <S>, Archenland Forest <SW>, Mountain Path <W>

Contents: A son of adam with a stern face (Haft).

Darius arrives, following Haft.

Haft shakes his head and continues down the road.

Darius sprints up behind Haft, clutching something at his side. “Haft!” he exclaims, quite nearly out of breath. “Wait up…”

Haft’s lips twitch, though Darius probably misses it from behind.

Darius circles around him, panting heavily before standing up straight. In his hands he holds a rolled up parchment that is skewered through the middle by his dagger. ” I had hop– ” he pauses, sucking in a deep breath. “I had hoped he would receive this before I left to visit my family. ” he holds the parchment up a bit higher. “Simply put, I have come to understand the error of my ways and had hopes that both this letter of apology and my dagger, as a sign of good faith, would help to repair some of the damage I have done. ”

Haft comes to a stop at the unusual form the message has taken. He stares at it for a moment, then reaches for the hilt.

Darius extends his hands further. “I understand it is custom to seal a letter with something other than a dagger, but… I had little else. ”

Haft snorts. “That all?”

Darius nods. “Indeed, that is all. Please… make sure it gets to him. ” he returns, expression serious.

“Fine,” Haft says flatly. He turns and strides up the road toward the castle.

Haft walks southwest, into the forest.

As Haft turns, a devilish smile flashes across Darius’s expression. Turning quickly, he sprints for home.


Darius’s Cottage [Het Noorden]
You stand in a cozy little thatch-roofed cottage. It has a wooden floor, with a woven rug, a sturdy looking bed with a hand-made quilt and a tidy little fireplace. A table with two chairs sits beneath the window. It’s a nice place for Darius to live.
You can go: Out <O>

Darius bursts through  door of his cottage, swiftly shutting it behind him. Dropping his satchel near the door, he quickly moves to the bed, tearing off the quilt and throwing it into a corner of the Cottage before doing the same with his red tunic and a few other articles of clothing. Then moving to one of the chairs he grabs it and quickly drops it on its side, raising one foot and bringing it down –HARD– on one of the legs. A sharp crack is heard as the leg gives way. Tossing the three-legged chair in the direction of the pile, he then grabs the single leg and goes to his already lit fireplace, dipping the wood into the fire. Once lit, he slowly pulls it from the flames and holds it up in admiration, his mouth twisting into a terrifying grin. “And so it begins… ” he breathes before unceremoniously tossing the flaming leg into the pile of fabric. Quickly donning a hooded cloak pulled from his satchel, he steals one last glance back before diving out his door and vanishing into the night.


Wooded Valley

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ~/^\~ -=

Here the trees open up, allowing more sunlight through. Between the denser forest to the north and east, the hills to the west, and the sheer mountain cliffs to the south, this area is well sheltered from wind and weather. The ground is littered with small gray boulders, and the space between is covered in a dense, spongy moss that is very pleasant underfoot. The rocky slopes to the west, though covered in loose shale and steep enough to be impassable, are dotted with fragrant banks of wild lavender. There is a cottage built in the shade of an enormous pine tree near the cliffs. The main path passes it on its leisurely curve from north to east, a little tributary walkway branching off toward the doorstep.

=- ./^\~ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

.~//.`/^\~ ,//%`,*,`%\\,*,//%`,*,`%\\,*,//%`,*,`%\\,*,//%`,*,`%\\,*,//%`,*,`%\\

You can go: Follow the Track <N>, Follow the Track <E>, Into the Cottage <S>

Contents: A wolf with piercing eyes and a scar along her shoulder and Cottage.

A wolf with piercing eyes and a scar along her shoulder walks along a patrol through the woods, nose scenting the ground. She seems a bit cautious, ears flicking periodically.

Darius walks towards the cottage, coming out from the forest to the north. Being that it is night and he wears a cloak with the hood up, he looks more like a walking shadow than anything else.

A wolf with piercing eyes and a scar along her shoulder’s fur prickles as she senses something nearby. She squints, but the form does not readily take shape. She walks closer, taking care to make each step as quiet as possible. Her nose leads her towards the shadowy thing. With ears standing straight, she lets out a growl, not paying attention to its height. “Larkbeard, what in the world are you doing.” she snaps, tired of his games.

Darius instantly stops as he hears the growl, turning quickly to pinpoint its source but failing in the darkness. For now, he chooses to remain quiet and still.

A wolf with piercing eyes and a scar along her shoulder moves closer, only now noticing the man’s height. “Ah, you are not the dwarf. The question remains… What are you doing out here so late at night?” Her tone may be slightly less harsh, though not much.

The shadowy figure doesn’t answer her right away, remaining motionless. If one could see the face under the hood, they would see a wide-eyed look of fear and surprise.

A wolf with piercing eyes and a scar along her shoulder hmms, wondering if this is another human like Sehsis. One way to find out. She jabs her nose into his side… “Can you speak?” It is difficult to tell if her tone is more curious or cautious now.

Darius nearly jumps at this, grunting loudly. “Ah, yes… Yes! I can speak. ” he returns taking a few steps away, quickly flipping his hood back to reveal his face. His eyes are still wide and extremely cautious as he examines the wolf.

A wolf with piercing eyes and a scar along her shoulder quickly hides a smirk. “Much better. An Archenlander, no doubt.” She glances up at his face, head cocked to one side.

Darius hehs, rubbing the back of his neck. “Indeed I am. Or well, I was… ” He snorts. “I am looking to find new life in Narnia. ”

A wolf with piercing eyes and a scar along her shoulder’s demeanor relaxes just a bit. “And why are you seeking new life here? Archenland seems like a nice place to live.” She nudges the scar on her shoulder absent-mindedly. “There was plenty of help for those of us injured after the battle,” she says, returning her attention to the man.

Darius shifts, frowning sadly. “I made some previous mistakes in my hometown. Since, I had been wandering Archenland in search of a new beginning. ” he sighs, looking around the woods. “The memories never seem to leave. So, my hope is, that coming to Narnia will allow me to start fresh. ”

A wolf with piercing eyes and a scar along her shoulder nods, thoughts drifting. When she snaps back, she rubs her face with a paw. “If it is truth, loyalty and peace which you seek, you will find it in Narnia for certain. The memories will fade in time.” This last sentence is spoken with a bit of doubt behind it, though she’s obviously trying to convince both of them it is the truth.

Darius smiles softly. “Those are exactly what I seek. ” he releases a sigh, eyes looking hopeful. “I fear I haven’t spent any time in Narnia myself, so I know very little of the land. ” he hesitates. “Are there others like myself? ”

A wolf with piercing eyes and a scar along her shoulder nods. “There are some, though I believe you will find more talking beasts than humans for the most part. This area…” She gestures with her muzzle. “It is home to both a deer herd and wolf pack. I am Aliyah of Winterden, new to the pack but on patrol duties. There are other creatures here as well, but these are the two main groups.”

Darius nods, shooting her a tired smile. “It is nice to meet you Aliyah. My name is Darius. ” he crosses his arms. “Where do most of my kind reside?”

A wolf with piercing eyes and a scar along her shoulder glances northward, gauging the distance. “Many are in Sted Cair, the city north of here. Others are spread throughout Narnia. This city is across a river, so it may be best if you wait to travel when it is light.”

Darius nods. “My thanks for the information Aliyah. ” he rubs the back of his neck with a free hand. “And, I imagine you are right. ” he snorts. “Can barely see five feet in front of my face. ”

A wolf with piercing eyes and a scar along her shoulder takes a few steps back. “Shall I show you to the inn? Better than sleeping out here.”

Darius smiles, dipping his head to her. “I would be most grateful. ”

Aliyah turns, glancing back. “Follow me then. My patrol is nearly over now anyway.”

The Splintered Axe Tavern


You find yourself standing in a rustic tavern nestled deep in the Great Woods of Narnia. It appears to be much what you’d expect of such a tavern. It is not large, but there are several tables scattered about. They are rough- hewn, but clean. A beardless, young-looking dwarf can be seen behind the bar along the south wall, washing out mugs and taking orders from the patrons. The tavern appears to have a small but loyal clientele, made up mostly of talking woodland beasts.

There is a door behind the bar, but that appears to lead to private quarters.

A door to the west leads to the Inn, where travellers can stay for brief periods as they make their way from Archenland into Narnia or vice versa. The door leading out is north.


You can go: Inn <W>, Out <N>

Contents: A wolf with piercing eyes and a scar along her shoulder (Aliyah);

Hergel, the Tavernkeeper; Pricelist; The Ritual Axe; Tullhonan’s Fishing

Creel; and Wolves and Foxes Game Set.

Darius arrives, following Aliyah.

Aliyah stops Darius from walking with her.

Aliyah stops just inside the tavern. “The inn is through that door. There are private rooms on the second floor, and a common room in the attic.”

Darius smiles bright. “My thanks again, Aliyah. ” With that, he turns and walks into the Inn.

Aliyah nods, calling, “Good evening, Darius. Nice meeting you.”

Aliyah trots outside through the main doors.


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